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AMAHIRO performs for 1th time at "PIROTO HENUA" Club.

The club's belong to a chilean entrepreneur resident to the island, whom originally had set up the place to have a spot to watch the soccer games while sharing with friends.

This soon growed to a fruitful business adding food serving, live music and even an own crafted beer only available here.

Though the audience attending the club isn't the common Amahiro music's listeners, the public is very open, since the managers had set thematic nights, with abundance of Latin tunes, classic and hard rock sessions, salsa, reggaeton and occasional performers from mainland.}

Amahiro once again captured the public and managers attention, due to the quality of their work preparing the stage, decoration, light setting, and appreciation to details that make them known in the island scene.

On the soundcheck, the tight work of music and instruments reinforced the expectance about the main show, resulting as spected, a grateful evening of good music, good vibes, strong stance and joyful faces and spirits.


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