AMAHIRO'S music is a blend of their polinesian musical roots and traditions with the influences and sounds of a globalized world.}


Inspired on the main geners of their Rapa Nui musical heritage and others from broader polinesia like the Riu (melodic chants), Ute (rithmic chants), Pa ta'u ta'u (Poetry), Hoko (emphatic and rithmic calls), aparima (tahitian hands dance), melodies from Tuamotu Isands






Their proposal stands out both for the eclectic of its creations and for the global nature of its sound, being widely appreciated by audiences of all kinds.


With one studio album to his credit, ("TAPU" 2014) and a second to come ("MANA" 2019) the group keeps to sing in their native lenguage and improvoing some compositions in english.


their s the global diffusion of their music using the platforms available worldwide (Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.), achieving with it, to massify the diffusion of its music and to diversify its audience.


The music of AMAHIRO is a blend of rhythms and melodies of folk, rock, blues, jazz and reggae, which added to the message that promotes its lyric, awaken in your audience the interest and sensitivity for the past, present and future history of a millennial people.